Our Services


With more than 1 Million m3 of aggregate supplying to various locations inside Egypt. Al Anssar has been a reliable source for our customers.
Al Anssar has participated in many of the mega projects inside Egypt such as but not limited to the following

  • Suez Cannel tunnels
  • Bani Areda Airport
  • Assuit power plant
  • Military building inside new capital
  • Housing projects inside new capital
  • Housing projects in 10th of Ramadan City
  • Housing projects in Badr city

Al Anssar company was involved in defining the needs at some projects and even was involved in the study of other many projects.
In order to fulfill the needs of the above-mentioned projects the operations team was working closely with our clients in order to assure quality, quantity, time, place and price.
1. Quality:
Al Anssar gives an eye for the quality that is supplied to our clients. Our operation team follows up strictly with the sources via analyzing random samples to assure that it works according to the approved technical specifications.
2. Quantity:
Al Anssar worked in a very high demanding nature. Al anssar was and still able to provide the needed quantities.
3. Place & Time:
Al Anssar worked in a very tight time windows along with remote areas in order to assure the client requirements are met
4. Price:
Competitive price is always our way. Al Anssar doesn’t add extra cost for assuring any of the above


Al Anssar is an official distributor of SIKA® & X-Calibur® for all the chemical concrete additives with the lowest rates in the market along with credit facility.
In this sector Al Anssar company is already dealing with lots of batch plants in the area of New Cairo and New Capital providing the technical support and the premium service of supplying.


Due to the long presence of El Anssar company in the ready-mix sector, El Anssar is providing management consultancy in so many scopes including and not limited to the following:
1- Quarry Operations Management:
Starting from the transportation of the critical parts (such as the jaw crasher), to the installation and ending up with the day to day operation of the aggregate supplying.
El Anssar has the experience in handling all of aggregate supplying O&M (operations and maintenance).
2- Batch Plant Management:
Starting from the transportation, installation and even the mix designs. El Anssar company provided previous services with the same scopes.
3- Supply Chain Management:
El Anssar company can consult any firm to provide a detailed plan and follow up for any kind of construction projects. We always assure our clients enhanced cash flow and less area used for the warehouse.
4- HSEQ:
We do it with care. El Ansar doesn’t provide trainings or consultancy in the area of HSEQ. However, El Anssar doesn’t compromise neither safety nor quality under any condition in any of the offered services or products.
El Anssar has gone through lots of programs to assure the efficiency of its system specially after being selected by multi-nationals operating in Egypt.