About Us

In order to fill the gap between the increased demand for a specialized, technical and on time supplying for the construction feeding industries and the supplies that usually don’t meet the customers’ expectation we decided to challenge all the barriers and to provide an ethical, reliable and responsible sourcing.
We provide aggregate in all sizes anywhere inside S.A.E. with quality standards that all customers can rely on. Anssar has handled a lot of national mega projects under the umbrella of multi-national companies with great achievements. Anssar has managed to keep an eye on the three factors Price, Quality and Time. We can adopt to any changes to provide the shortest lead time even with new sources. Anssar fleet is always tracked and the key account team can be reached 24/7 to assure that each client will get the required services. Even on the pre award Anssar can provide both technical and logistics advices to enhance the productivity and the profitability of any project. –That’s also a part of the technical project management division-
Our strategy is The Best Ingredients Lead to Optimal Performance.